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Colourpop Eyeshadow Glitter Collection

My Colourpop Cosmetics Eyeshadow Glitter Collection.

Here is a hot makeup post from my women's lifestyle website, The Makeup Equation.

I wanted to do a post on all the glitter colourpop eyeshadow I own before I add to my collection.  I bought a bunch of new ones while they were on sale over the holidays.  

Below is an up close look at all the beautiful glittery colourpop eyeshadow I own right now before I get my new ones.

Hippie Boho Chic Gift Ideas

Gift Guide Ideas for the Hippie Boho Chic Women in Your Life.

A new post brought to you by The Makeup Equation.

Do you have a hippie boho chic woman in your life?  Wondering what types of gifts she would like for a special occasion or holiday?  Here is a simply gift guide I created based only on products that I have ordered, own, use, and love.  And yes, I may be a little hippie myself, but hey, that's not a bad thing!

Review of the EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone

My Review of the EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone.

A post brought to you by The Makeup Equation.

Christmas is just around the corner parents, and if you are like me, you may be scratching your head and wondering what on earth to get your kids this year without breaking the budget.  With drones being all the rage right now, your kids may even have a drone on their wish list.  But where can you find a drone that is suitable for kids and also won't break the bank?   Enter the EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone.

How To Do An Olaplex Treatment At Home

How to Apply Olaplex at Home For a Stand Alone Treatment.

Here is another post from my women's lifestyle website, The Makeup Equation.

If you read The Makeup Equation, you know that my hair is very damaged and over -processed due to being a die-hard color chameleon.

After stripping very fresh bright red magenta hair color - see my post How To Dye Damaged Hair Bright Magenta Red DIY -about how I turned my hair red - my originally bleach blonde ends were on their last days of life and had zero curl or strength to them.  Since I'm a natural curly haired girl, I knew it was bad if my hair could no longer muster a single curl.

This is why I turned to Olaplex. I manged to find a great seller on ebay that is selling authentic Olaplex, all three parts.  My hair is proof that this sellers stuff is authentic! I would not have the curls you see in the picture above if it were not for Olaplex.

My Best Frugal Lifestyle Money Savings Secrets That Save Me Thousands Each Year

My Biggest and Best Kept Saving Money Secrets that Help Me Save Thousands Each Year.

Here is post I wrote on my Women's lifestyle blog, The Makeup Equation.  I wanted to share this post with you because I think everyone can benefit from learning how to save more money and keep more cash.   I hope you enjoy it and I sincerely hope that it helps you where ever you may be in your financial journey.

Today I want to talk about some of my best kept secrets that save me thousands of dollars each year.  Saving money is key when it comes to being financially successful.

Here are my top four secrets for living a frugal lifestyle and saving serious money.

Unique, Girly, Cute, Funny Silicone iphone Cases: A Gift Guide

Gift Guide for Unique, Girly, Cute, & Funny Iphone Cases.

As I mentioned in my posts on The Makeup Equation ,  the post where to buy silicone soap molds for cheap,  and the post on my review of buying a big bounce house off Ebay - I love to buy directly from the supplier to cut out the middle man markup.  Ebay is an amazing site that allows you to buy directly from the supplier, which is often China.  When you buy directly from the supplier, you will see that the savings are unbelievable.  Although Asian sellers often allow for a month for the item to arrive, I generally get my items in 1-2 weeks.  All you need to buy off of Ebay is a Paypal account, which is completely free to set up and just guarantees your buyers that they will be paid if you don't have the funds.

Today I want to talk to you about a super awesome seller that I have bought some amazing iphone cases from for fractions of what they would cost in the US.

Review of Big Kids Bounce House Purchased Off Ebay For Cheap

My Review of A Big Bounce House I Bought Off Ebay.

Here is Christmas post brought to you by The Makeup Equation, my women's lifestyle website.

Want to get the kids something great this Christmas that will be a big hit and also a total surprise?  What child doesn't love a bounce house?  You can use your bounce house for birthday parties and cold long days indoors.  Also great to put on the yard during the spring and summer.
But isn't buying a big bounce house super expensive?  This is exactly what I thought when I first started looking at buying my kids one.  If you look at any of the major retailers, you will see that most big sized bounce houses will cost around $500.

Well guess what, here's a secret -I got a big bounce house for my kids and I only paid under $200 dollars.  Want to know how I did it?? Read on!

Top Unique Gifts Women Want

The Top Most Wanted Unique Gifts Women Want.

Today we have a post from The Makeup Equation.

Another year has flown by.  How it goes from the beginning of summer to almost Christmas time I truly have no idea. 

Urban Decay
Below I have listed six unique gifts that every woman, including myself, would LOVE to get.  This list applies to you if you have a wife, sister, adult or teenage daughter, sister-in-law, and more in your life.

Top Most Wanted Toys for 4-Year-Old Girls

Top Most Wanted Toys For 4-Year-Old Girls.

Today we have a Christmas gift-guide post from The Makeup Equation, my women's lifestyle website.

Do you have a four-year-old princess at home?? Or a little girl close to this age range?  Are you wondering what to get her for Christmas and also hoping you don't break your budget??  If this is you mamas then you have come to the right place!

Below I list the top toys that every four year old girl wishes they had.  I review where you can buy them, what they cost, why they are most wanted, and how you can get them for less.

Yellow Rice With Beans and Salchicha

Yellow Rice with Beans and Sausage Recipe.

This is a great dish to make if you have leftovers of any kind that you don't want to throw away.  You can put pretty much any type of leftover into Spanish rice and it will come out tasting delicious.

Yesterday my husband, Mr. Cipote, ate bean soup made out of black beans and Kielbasa Polish sausage.  Today I looked at the leftover soup in the bowl and thought, I do not want to eat these cold mushy leftover beans and sausage.  But I knew what to do with it! Throw it into rice! Soup base is full of flavor and makes a great base to cook rice in.

Here's my recipe for Yellow Rice with Beans and Sausage.  The sassafras in the Goya seasoning is what turns the rice yellow.

Carne Guisada Recipe

Easy Recipe for Authentic Carne Guisada.

Carne Guisada is one of my favorite things to eat and is a great dish for fall when the weather starts to turn cold. This dish has recently been on my mind since I went to my sister-in-law's house a few weeks ago.  My sister-in-law Marilyn is a fantastic cook and everything she makes tastes delicious.  

I was recently at her house for a birthday party and she made carne guisada for the guests.  The meat was super tender and the potatoes were so flavorful.  I thought to myself, I need to make this stuff at my house more often!  I made it a few days later but my meat was not as tender as hers was.  I asked her about it and she told me I was using the wrong type meat.  After learning her secret meat, I knew I had to share it with you guys and do a post.

National Hispanic Heritage Month September 15 -October 15

National Hispanic Heritage Month.

Did you guys know that September is my favorite month of the year?? It's my favorite month for two main reasons.

First, because September is the start of fall, and I love everything about fall.  I love the cooler weather, I love the fun activities - such as fall harvests and pumpkin picking, and I love making fall scented soaps and candles.  You can view my post on how to make fall scented soap on my beauty blog here: Easy DIY Fall Soap Recipe, and how to make homemade candles here: Homemade DIY Scented Candle Gift

I also love to wear fall themed makeup - you can view my post on my favorite Colourpop eyeshadows here: 6 Must Have ColourPop Eyeshadows

Second, September is my favorite month because it is National Hispanic Heritage month - Mes de la Herencia Hispana!!

I did a post on Hispanic Heritage Month a few years back - you can view it here: 15 de Septiembre, Dia de la Independencia El Salvador , but I think it's definitely time for a new post since it's been a while.

Spanish Rice

Recipe for Authentic Spanish Rice.

Do you know that I just realized that I do not have a recipe for standard Spanish rice??!  I don't know how this happened since rice is such a staple of all Latin food and definitely comida tipica from El Salvador.  Rice is almost always served with lunch or dinner and most mommy's have a pot of cooked rice in their kitchen on a daily basis just in case somebody gets hungry and wants some.  Traditional "Spanish Rice" is honestly  really easy to make.  You just need to know a few secrets that will make it taste authentic just like abuelita's.  Once you know the secrets, making Spanish rice will take you no time at all.

Elotes Locos

What Elotes Locos Are.

Hey everyone! Hope you guys are all staying cool during this heat wave ! We've been in triple digits for about a week now, it has been very hot!  What has everyone been doing to stay cool?  We've been in the pool almost everyday even thought it pretty much feels like bath water now.

Over the weekend my father gave us a bunch of fresh sweet corn from a neighbors farm.  The heat was going to ruin the corn so the neighbor had too much left over and needed people to come pick it.  So naturally we had to make elotes locos, translated as crazy corn in English, out of them.  There is a picture of the elotes locos we made up at the top (pardon my kids pirate Legos in the picture!).  And here is a picture of my son eating the corn down below.

The Secret Seasoning !

Find Out What The Secret Spanish Seasoning Is.

It's funny how your thoughts change as your circumstances change.  

I have known Mr. Cipote for a looong time.  I wish I had known him for longer actually, but that was impossible I guess because when we were kids we were thousands of miles apart in different countries.  He came to the United States when he was a teenager.  He lived in a neighboring state, so I didn't get the pleasure of going to the same school as him, though he is four years older than me, so we probably wouldn't have gone to the same school anyway.  I finally met my future husband when I was 19.  He was working for a company that sent him to my state, and I just so happened to be working for the exact same company and at the exact same location he was sent to.  Trouble was brewing...

Summer of 2016

Summer of 2016.

Well heyyy!! How is everybody's summer going?? 

We've done lots of eating out when we got the craving for some authentic comida Salvadorena. And the good news is that we have found some amazing restaurants What types of foods have you been eating in the hot weather?  We have made a few trips to the ocean and some lakes and been enjoying a lot of pescado frito.  There is nothing I enjoy more than taking in the ocean breeze and watching the waves crash while eating some fresh fish.  What is it about the ocean that is just so relaxing?  


How To Dye Blonde Hair Red Yourself.

Have you been thinking about going red but aren't sure where to start? Want to also do it yourself and not pay a fortune at the salon?  If this is you, then you need this post!  And if you like what you see here, please check out my beauty and cosmetics website for all my hair color and makeup tutorials and tips: The Makeup Equation.

Bistec Salvadoreno

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12th this year.  In honor of all the extremely hardworking mamas out there, I'm going to cook an easy and favorite dish of many a mama - Bistec Salvadoreno.  Anytime I've had a hard day, my husband knows he better walk through the door with a plate full of Bistec Salvadoreno and some Arroz Negrito.  Bistec simply means "steak" in Spanish.  Usually the word "bistec" is paired with the word, "encebollado".  Bistec encebollado basically means "steak and onion stew".  The onions are sauteed and placed on top of or near the steak.  I'm not a huge fan of onions, so I just make bistec. 

Although bistec means steak, this type of "steak" is much thinner than a real piece of steak meat.  In fact, bistec is very similar to another popular meat, fajita, in that they are both very thin cooked meats.    The only difference is that  fajita is generally grilled and not cooked in oil.  Scrambled eggs are also frequently served with bistec salvadoreno at the end of the cooking process.

Tamales Pisques

Recipe for Tamales Pisques.

Tamales pisques are quick and easy tamale that pack a hearty flavor punch and fill you up quick!  Their name "pisque" indicates that they are tamales made with a bean filling.  Tamales pisques are generally a little drier and saltier than traditional Salvadoran chicken tamales.  The drier masa is simply achieved by using less water in the masa, the quantity of seasoning remains the same as for other tamales.  

Pollo Guisado con Papas Al Estilo Salvadoreno

Easy Recipe For Pollo Guisado Con Papas - Stew Chicken- Salvadoran Style.

I have had a lot of requests to do more meat and chicken dishes so today I am going to do a recipe for a delicious pollo guisado.  Pollo guisado is essentially just stewed chicken.  Many different countries have their own variation of pollo guisado.  The primary hallmark of Salvadoran pollo guisado is that the chicken is cooked in a tomato-based broth.  Not too many other countries add tomatoes to the their meat broths, but Salvadorans almost always cook chicken or steak in, or with, tomatoes.  Another thing that characterizes Salvadoran pollo guisado is  the large amount of papas, or potatoes, that are served with the chicken.  The papas, potatoes, are added to the pot towards the end of the cooking process and come out with a fantastic "stew-y" flavor.  

Pupusas Revueltas

Easy Recipe for Pupusas Revueltas.

There is nothing more Salvadoran than pupusas.  

Pupusas = El Salvador and El Salvador = Pupusas.  

And that's it. 

I don't think I have ever met anyone that doesn't like pupusas, whether you have Salvadoran blood in you or not.  If you take a good look around your city, you are bound to find a few tiendas selling pupusas, no matter what city you live in.  Pupusas are quickly becoming as popular as the now heavily commercialized churro which you see in all the fast food chains nowadays.

Let me start off this post by dispelling a few myths about pupusas that are floating around out there:

Tamales de Elote

Easy Recipe for Sweet Corn Tamales - Tamales de Elote.

I have had a lot of requests for a post on tamales de elote, also known as sweet corn tamales.  As it is already mid August and corn will be out of season soon, I knew I was running out of time.  When I saw that my local Walmart had white corn yesterday, I realized there was no better time to do this post than now.  So, due to popular demand, here is the post I know you have all been waiting for - my recipe for making delicious tamales de elote!  This recipe was taught to me by a very sweet and godly woman named Senora Doris.  Thank you, Doris!  You have been a blessing to me!
I must admit that this is truly one of my favorite Salvadoran eats, maybe because I love corn, or maybe because I love sweets even more.  Although the name sounds daunting, once you make it, you'll see that tamales de elote are really pretty simple to make.  In fact, I always feel that the most time consuming part of this recipe is really just picking out the corn. 

When you pick your corn for tamales de elote, there are a few things you want to remember:

Arroz Curtido

Easy Recipe for Purple Rice.  Arroz Curtido Receta.

It doesn't get more Salvadoran than this dish right here!  Arroz curtido, also called "purple rice", refers to a rice that has been cooked in water used to cook red beans.  Not just any red beans are used.  Only "frijoles rojo Salvadorenos", or small, red Salvadoran beans, are used for this dish.

Tamales Salvadorenos

Easy Recipe for Making Tamales Salvadorenos - Chicken Tamales.

New Year's Eve is upon us, and in Latin households, that means it's time for tamales!!  Tamales are a special treat generally reserved for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, (which is Christmas for Latin families), or New Year's Eve.   If you have ever eaten a tamale, you probably thought two things:  One, they are delicious, and two, you would never be able to make them!  

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