In El Salvador, charamusca refers to frozen treats packaged in clear plastic baggies. Charamusca pops can be made out of almost anything that you can pour into a charamusca bag and freeze.  The most common types of charamusca sold in El Salvador are made of flavored milk or coconut milk.  I have also seen many mothers make charamusca out of juice.

Today as I was cleaning out the vegetable bin of our fridge, I found two leftover pieces of carao fruit.  My husband had brought back some carao when he visited El Salvador this summer.  It is hard to describe the taste of carao fruit to someone who has not ever tasted it before.  I would describe it as tasting like carob, cocoa, and molasses all wrapped into one, but much better!  

My family loves to boil carao fruit with milk and sugar to make a tasty milk beverage called leche con carao.  Leche con carao tastes sort of like hot chocolate, except much more delicious!  Since it is still summer and in the mid 80's here, I knew my family would not want to drink leche con carao hot, so I needed to think of something else.  Charamusca was that something else!  My husband and son are crazy about charamusca de leche con carao and will often devour a whole batch in one sitting.  My toddler is so in love with charamusca de leche con carao that he insists on sucking on the bag it came in after he has emptied the contents! (Incriminating pictures of this are at the bottom of this post.) Charamusca de leche con carao tastes exactly like a Wendy's frosty in my opinion and the bonus is that it has much less fat and sugar and none of the unwanted preservatives.  

Below is my recipe for making charamusca de leche con carao.  Charamusca make great after dinner treats during the summer for the kids.

Charamusca con Leche de Carao:


Charamusca bags (you can find these at any international grocery store)
2.5 cups of milk
2 pieces of carao fruit
1/4 cup of granulated white sugar

  • Combine milk, sugar, and carao in a medium-sized skillet and heat on medium high, stirring constantly, until milk begins to boil.
  • Once milk starts to boil, reduce heat to medium-low and heat for another 5 minutes.
  • Remove from heat and pour the contents of the skillet into a metal bowl to cool.  Make sure to leave the carao fruit, and all its pieces, in the bowl so that it can continue to give the milk flavor.
  • Once the milk has reached room temperature, pour the mixture through the sieve into a new bowl so that you can remove all the carao pieces.
  • Pour the milk into a container with a spout on it, this will make it easy to pour the leche con carao into the charamusca bags easily.
  • Pour into as many charamusca bags as you need.
  • Close up the charamusca bags by tying the plastic at the top into a knot.
  • Place tied charamusca bags in the freezer and let freeze for about half an hour to an hour - you want it to start getting the consistency of a slushy.  Store leftovers in freezer as well. 
  • To eat charamusca, make a small tear on one of the bottom corners, either with scissors or your teeth, and simply suck out the liquid from the bag. 
  • Serve whenever someone has a craving for something sweet and frozen!
Buen Provecho!


Camilla Baker said...

I think I need to make this dessert in a bag! I love your baby photos sucking on the bag...makes me want to try it even more....I look forward to reading more.

Melissa Vanni said...

What a great idea for a yummy dessert, thank you! I love that it is naturally delicious. Super great blog as well! I will be following you for sure!!

Mely said...

Do you know how to make the charamusca de leche con coco?

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to make charamusca de dulce de leche

Robin M Daily said...

Do u know the calories??

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