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15 de Septiembre, Dia de la Independencia El Salvador

Th3 r3@l El Salvador flag! Pictures, Images and Photos

On the 15th of September, the country of El Salvador will celebrate their independence from Spain, which was granted to them in 1821 after months of fighting.  Four other countries in Central America - Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua - will do the same.  Mexico will celebrate their independence from Spain on the 16th of September.  Chile will celebrate their independence from Spain on the 18th of September.  The 15th of September also kicks off National Hispanic Heritage month, which runs until October 15th.
El Salvador celebrates their independence with a desfile, or parade, of all the school children.  The school children first march through the city, and then they march back to school.   The school children practice their routines for weeks before the big day and always put on a great show.  Although in the past the cheerleaders often were allowed to wear very revealing outfits, the new president of El Salvador, Carlos Funes, elected in 2009, has mandated that all children, including the dancers, wear only their school uniforms.  This mandate has greatly helped to cut down on the vast amount of inappropriate clothing in the desfiles.

Snow cone jätskiä - pahaa! Pictures, Images and Photos

The usual foods eaten on the Dia de Independencia are ice cream and minutas, or "minutes", the comical Salvadoran name for snow cones.  Cold foods are eaten because it can get very hot in the desfiles, whether you are a participant or a bystander.

Every year on the 15th of Septiembre I let my son pick a treat he wants to make and decorate it in blue and white, the national colors of El Salvador.  My son wanted to make his latest fav, cupcakes de Tamarindo, or tamarind cupcakes, this year. He decorated the cupcakes in a tie-dye pattern of blue and white as you can see in the picture.  He also likes to get himself into the spirit of La Dia de Independecia early in the week by walking around with his flag, as you can see him doing below. 



Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

happy independence day fun cupcakes and love your cuisine look forward to learning more recipes from you


Sandi G said...

Very nice!
The 15th is my daughter's birthday, too!

La Cipota said...

What a great day to be born! Please give her a birthday hug for me! Thanks for stopping by Rebecca and Sandi!!

Ann said...

Your son is SO cute and it's wonderful that you let him pick a treat to decorate! Enjoy your Independence Day!

Janice @ A Healthful Gluten-Free Life said...

Que lindo con su bandera! Los cupcakes de tamarindo suenan muy ricos! :)

La Cipota said...

Thanks so much Ann y muchas gracias Janice! Thanks for stopping by!! :)

kenaskitchen said...

Happy Independence Day! It looks fun...thanks for sharing with all of us! I think seeing the kids march would be so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Gracias Por recordarnos esos momentos Por ase eso

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