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How To Dye Blonde Hair Red Yourself.

Have you been thinking about going red but aren't sure where to start? Want to also do it yourself and not pay a fortune at the salon?  If this is you, then you need this post!  And if you like what you see here, please check out my beauty and cosmetics website for all my hair color and makeup tutorials and tips: The Makeup Equation.
Red is a great color for fall!  Fall is definitely the time to shine in beautiful red hair!  Before I went red I had very light blonde in my hair. The first product I used on my blonde hair was called Jazzing.  This stuff comes in a hot pink bottle and doesn't require developer.   I used #30, "Spiced Cognac".  I like the results but it was a little too orange-y and light for me, (maybe because I had so much light blonde underneath it).  It also washed out very quickly and would bleed like crazy in the shower.  

After watching a youtube video about going from blonde to red by Sammie460, I realized I needed to decide what family of red I wanted.  She explained that there were lots of red "families", the burgundy family, the copper family, the red family, etc.  She was using a color in the copper blonde family.  I loved her hair color and new I wanted something similar for mine.  Because I wanted to stay away from getting too red, I decided to try "Strawberry Blonde" in #8C by AGEbeautiful.  You can buy it on Amazon for cheap here:  AGEbeautiful Anti-Aging Permanent Liquid Haircolor with Vitamin E 8RC Strawberry Blonde.

Needless to say the color definitely didn't turn out a strawberry blonde, maybe because of the previous red I had in my hair from the Jazzing?  But I ended up LOVING my color!!  It was a little bright the first two days but after about 3 washes it really settled down into a gorgeous shimmering red.  And I still loved it when it was bright too.
I would encourage anyone looking for a natural red color to stay in the copper family, or, if you have fairly dark hair, to try the burgundy family.  I would also say that any colors that say "red", "bright red", "intense red", or "Magenta", are going to make you very red and won't look as natural.  

Do I have any beautiful redhead readers out there?  Comment down below and let me know if your rocking red and what colors you use!

La Cipota.



La Cipota said...

Redheads! What are your favorite color brands and colors??

katheryn zelayandia said...

I have gone red multiple times! I mainly have used splat in red because it is a true red and so vibrant! It washes out real fast and bleeds pretty bad but all reds do. I have bought and shampoo and conditioner to make it last longer which works real well. The last time I dyed it I went to a salon so I don't know what the brand was. It looks good on you though!

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