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The Secret Seasoning

Find Out What The Secret Spanish Seasoning Is.

It's funny how your thoughts change as your circumstances change.  

I have known Mr. Cipote for a looong time.  I wish I had known him for longer actually, but that was impossible I guess because when we were kids we were thousands of miles apart in different countries.  He came to the United States when he was a teenager.  He lived in a neighboring state, so I didn't get the pleasure of going to the same school as him, though he is four years older than me, so we probably wouldn't have gone to the same school anyway.  I finally met my future husband when I was 19.  He was working for a company that sent him to my state, and I just so happened to be working for the exact same company and at the exact same location he was sent to.  Trouble was brewing...
I will never forget the day I saw my future Mr. Cipote.  I would say that laying eyes on him was like having a sexy and mysterious ocean breeze slap me right in the face.  I was a lovesick puppy after that and there was no turning back for me. 
I remember how I would visit his mother while I was dating him and could only call him my 'novio'.  When we would arrive, his mom would sit us down at her kitchen table and give us each a plate full of hot, delicious food.  I remember thinking it was so tasty.  But that was about all I thought.  I didn't really think anything else, other than that she was a great cook.  Then....then I got married.

Okay now we were talking a TOTALLY different ball game here.  When I would visit my suegra after getting married, I would eat her food and think totally different thoughts.  Mostly, I would say to myself in my head, "how on earth does she get her food to taste this flavorful??!!".  I had already been trying to cook some rice like she did and I wasn't being very successful at it - Mr. Cipote was not a fan of it and honestly neither was I.  Mr. Cipote looked about as excited to eat my food as he does in this picture on the right here - like I said, not too excited.   "What is her secret???",  I would ask myself. 
Thankfully, one thing I have learned is that all things get better with time.  I finally learned my suegras secret after much asking (begging) to be taught her recipes, and also secretly searching her spice drawer.  I finally realized that it was her Maggi container that was giving everything all that flavor! Ladies, if you have not used Maggi, you should be.  I have not found a seasoning that equals this one yet to date.  If you know of another one, please let me know, I'd be happy to use it.

Maggi chicken seasoning is used in literally like everything in Latin food. And I mean like EVERYTHING!  To prove this, here is just a short list of some foods I have cooked that I use Maggi seasoning in:
  1. Tamales de pollo
  2. Spanish Rice
  3. Arroz Curtido - Purple Rice
  4. Tamales Pisques
  5. Any type of sopa you can think of basically
  6. Pollo Guisado
...and I know there is more i am probably forgetting. 

Maggi seasoning is incredibly flavorful and a little pinch packs a serious punch.  Maggi will take even the most boring of foods, lets say a can of beans, and turn it into a five star meal.  This is not a joke. I don't say this lightly. 

And just like Maggi is the secret seasoning to almost all Latin food and comida tipica, can I just say that Mr. Cipote is my secret seasoning too?? (Sorry guys, I just had to throw that in there ha ha ha. )

Feliz Sabado a todos!  And Buen Provecho! Please share this post if you found it helpful to spread the love.



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